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Why you should consider chartering a Toyota Commuter Deluxe Minibuses from Quinces

October 14, 2014

Are you planning a trip to sunny Australia or maybe you are living there and find yourself in need of a minibus for tourists, school trips, although you might even need one to transport the office staff to a function, lecture or what even the case may be, you need transport that is reliable!

You will also require a vehicle that has the most pleasures to ensure a comfortable ride where ever you may need to go thus the Toyota Commuter Deluxe Minibus is the option best for you. It offers you the top quality safety features with seatbelts for all front and back seats in addition to airbags for the front driver and passenger plus twelve grab handles.

Central door locking and an immobiliser comes as a standard feature as well as a CD/Radio player for listening pleasure played through four speakers so everyone can hear.
Storage features includes enough luggage space, cup holders for front and back seats plus door pockets for both front seats.

It handles with ease via the power steering as well as the steering wheel being able to tilt for extra comfort in addition to cruise control. Air-conditioning is also included to cool those hot summer days or evenings.

The rear view mirror includes automatic dimming and all side mirrors can be electronically adjusted to suit the driver’s needs plus the front and back windows has windshield wipers for clear vision on rainy days.

The dashboard display is all analogue and includes a fuel level warning plus a gear position indicator. Front and rear seats can also be adjusted to suit every one’s desired seating positions with head rests in addition to being soft for a charming riding experience.

So, whether your journey may be short or long there are so many benefits by using the Toyota Commuter Deluxe Minibus that you will not be making a mistake by renting one for all your smaller commuting needs. Therefore you can take the soccer team for burgers after practice or take your family touring while they are visiting you in Australia knowing the vehicle has all you require.

Whatever your desires may be transporting five or ten people the Toyota Commuter Deluxe Minibus will not let you down and with the added guarantee of a company that has been providing transport for over 50 years how can you go wrong? All their vehicles are maintained and tested not only yearly but also every three month to ensure your safety always. They can additionally cater for all your chartering and touring needs handling even your planning for you.

For more information on all Quinces has to offer, as well as, to learn more about their different transport options, you can have a look at their web page and thus make your own informed decision.

Remember, for transport you can trust that includes all the wanted comforts of modern day technology do not delay any longer and make your bookings with a company that makes your safety on the road a priority. Ride or tour today knowing you are getting the best in safety and comfort that is available.

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