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Look to Quince’s for personalized travel planning assistance and stylish transportation services

August 13, 2014

Are you thinking of taking a vacation and really don’t want the hassle or responsibility of being the planner, driver and passenger accommodation host. It is time that you sit back and enjoy the trip too with dependable personalized travel planning assistance. That is where Quince’s will come into play.

You can count on Quince’s for personalized travel planning assistance and stylish transportation services! They do it all so that you do not have to. You can book a car and flight, a charter for a couple days or one for a month. There are different packages, and they will work with you to meet special needs too. Quince’s offers exceptional services that does it all, and they are a licensed travel agency. You are getting affordable and high quality services that you can count on from the best in their region, and their 50 plus year track record backs that up.

When it comes to personalized travel planning assistance no one wants to cut corners. You want to know what to expect and what you are going to get. You never have to worry when you are dealing with the best travel arrangement making team like the one at Quince’s. They make personalized travel planning assistance easy and even fun.

Just some of the great things that this top quality and trusted company has to offer aside of exceptional services are as follows:

  • Individual Day Tours
  • Individual Overnight Tours
  • Group Overnight Tours
  • Group Day Tours
  • Bus and Coach Travel Specialist

Why travel any other way? You can sit back and enjoy all of the amazing things that the region has to offer, or you can rent a private unit and make the drive through this exceptional land of discoveries yourself. Whatever it takes to make your visit to Australia amazing Quince’s will go above and beyond to accommodate those needs for you.

Just some of the vehicles that Quinces fleet offers are Toyota Coaster minibuses, King Long Coaches, Toyota Commuter Deluxe minibuses, 57 seat coaches, Hino Midi buses, Mitsubishi Rosa Deluxe minibuses, Mercedes-Benz coaches and Mercedes-Benz 0405 City buses. As you can see this is not your mediocre car or bus rental hot spot, this is an agency that believes in style while still offering quality and affordability.

This is a broad fleet of top quality vehicles alongside a team of professionals all conjoined to make your vacation, camping trip, convention or whatever the case may be, a memorable one. They offer personalized travel planning assistance that goes well beyond the ordinary agency’s efforts or abilities. They specialize in international and domestic travel. This is your one stop shop for all of your travel assistance needs. Even airport shuttle buses, combination buses and pool shuttle buses can be arranged with the appropriate communications.

Quince’s personalized travel planning assistance exceeds most people’s expectations, and are extended for all customers whether they are a day tour or they have booked a 28 day charter. Everything is tailored to your specific needs. This is not a travel agency trying to sell l you prearranged package. This is a travel planning agency trying to build a package for you. There are preset tours available both in Australia and abroad as well.

This company has extended services to some of the biggest names around. Some of those include but aren’t limited to the Asian and Australasian Water Ski Championships, Supplier to the Australian Open Tennis, 500 cc Motorcycle Grand Prix and Formula One Grand Prix just to name some.

Quince’s Coaches commitment to excellence is also their commitment to you.

Get in Touch

  • Mail Address: P O Box 291 Oakleigh
    Victoria Australia 3166
  • Street Address: 76 Atkinson St., Oakleigh
    Victoria Australia 3166
  • Within Australia: Phone: (03) 8506 2700
    Fax:     (03) 8506 2706
  • Internationally: Phone: +61 3 8506 2700
    Fax: +61 3 8506 2706

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