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September 9, 2014

Everybody knows that traveling can be a real hassle. When we think vacations, we think relaxation and breaks away from ordinary everyday duties like driving, planning and having to worry about where to stop and when. What about those vacations where the whole family is involved or a group of your friends are traveling with you? Are you sightseeing and stopping to visit sites and famous places? Whatever you may be looking for to complete travel plans for your vacation, Quinces has your needs in mind.

Reliability is one of the most important things a coach, travel or tour business can provide. When we plan our vacations we want to make sure everything is in good order and that we will make it to not one but all of our destinations on time and safely. With Quinces you never have to worry about the reliability of their service.

This is one of the top rated tour and coach businesses around the world and their pricing and packages won’t disappoint you. Quince’s also provides personalized travel assistance and different styles of transportation. Rather you are looking for something to accommodate 5 or 50 people and anywhere from low key to high quality travel then Quinces is the number one place to go.

Quinces also provides educational tours for any range of activities you may need rather it is local, long distance or overseas. They can also help you plan all of your travel arrangements from plane tickets to hotel stays for your entire party. Rather your are taking young students on a local educational tour or taking senior trips over seas or out of town Quinces has everything you need in one place an can help you with any arrangements you may have.

Another great thing about Quinces is that if you’re planning a camping trip rather it be overnight or extended stay their buses are fully accommodated and equipped with all of your camping needs in mind and some of the most affordable prices you will find.

At Quinces safety is our number one priority with our customers in mind. We service our vehicles regularly and make sure that everything is safe and ready for your family trip, tour or vacation. All of Quinces vehicles are roadworthy and certified to the best standards possible. They also have an bus inspection annually and they are also inspected every three months to make sure nothing goes wrong with their vehicles.

Quinces offers a wide range of transportation vehicles from mini buses that you can drive yourself to 57 seat coaches for all of your needs and your convenience in mind. Quince’s provides first class service and has high ratings in customer service and customer satisfaction. They have been in business for over 50 years and are one of the most reliable touring companies locally and internationally. So, no matter where you are going and rather its educational or family vacations then Quinces will have you covered from A to Z.

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  • Mail Address: P O Box 291 Oakleigh
    Victoria Australia 3166
  • Street Address: 76 Atkinson St., Oakleigh
    Victoria Australia 3166
  • Within Australia: Phone: (03) 8506 2700
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  • Internationally: Phone: +61 3 8506 2700
    Fax: +61 3 8506 2706

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